Saturday, November 26, 2011

sometimes it really is that easy

not all diy projects have to be super involved. this last project couldn't have been easier, yet the end result makes a big difference.

now, i think we've already established that i always try to do my projects as cheaply as possible. not only do i like frugal decor but this carries into the rest of my life as well. i'm always looking for the best deal possible from clothes to makeup to even tissues . . . when i save, i smile. let's be honest though, sometimes the cheapest items may not be the prettiest . . . like ugly tissue boxes . . . which brings me to my most recent project.

today's re-do started, as usual, at the thrift store! check out this gorgeous tissue holder i scored for only a buck . . .

yes, she's tacky, but slap a coat of spray paint on her and she's good as new!

i think she looks perfect in my bathroom, what do you think?

Project Cost Breakdown . . .

tissue holder = $1
spray paint = $0 (left over from another project)

Grand Total = $1!

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