Monday, November 7, 2011

here we go!

i. love. to. make. things.

it’s almost like a sickness. for several years now i have been making handmade gifts for people and selling one of a kind baby items. i take so much joy in trying new ideas and sharing them with my friends and family. now i know that these days, design and crafting blogs are a dime a dozen . . . then again, no one ever said i was a trendsetter, so i don’t mind being considered a “copycat”. i could look at these for hours on end . . . oh and i don’t even need to admit how many on pinterest andetsy alone! well, that’s all fine and good to look and never buy . . . or rather, covet and never try to make. in my humble opinion, ideas on these blogs/sites are only as good as they are easy to create.

so that brings me to this new blog.

i have been dyi-ing and making up a storm lately and i am anxious to show how “this . . . is from that!” i intend to post before and afters of my own creations, as well as posting some of my favorites that i have seen elsewhere. oh, and if you have some before and afters of your own things you’d like me to add to this blog, please send them my way so that i can post them!

i’m not anticipating that this blog will turn into much of anything. the most it could do is inspire others to make some things on their own, or really to see the beauty and possibilities in the cast off or ugly. at the least, it will be a great record of what things i have made. what worked, what didn’t, and lessons i learned along the way!

thanks for reading!

here we go . . .


  1. Good luck you are off to a great start! Can't wait to see more upcoming projects!


  2. We just started our blog too. Can't wait to read more of your adventures in creating. ~Pepper