Saturday, November 10, 2012

bye bye bracelet botheration!

like many people, i am constantly striving to de-clutter and get (and stay) organized.  while i'm willing to pare down and reduce how much stuff i have,  one area i really don't want to reduce is my accessories.  this has been a trend throughout my entire life.  i still have jewelry from elementary school!  and while my preferences have obviously changed . . . from jelly bracelets and plastic charms to spiked bracelets and dog chains to more recently a vintage and tailored collection . . .  the need for adequate storage has been a consistent problem, especially with bracelets!  you may remember my previous post about my jewelry board , but my bracelets have remained a problem until i found this . . . 

recently, while perusing pinterest, i came across this idea of how to store bracelets with a wire paper towel holder.  it is so simple and i knew would be very affordable so i quickly began my search.  i stumbled on this wooden one yesterday at goodwill.

not only was the price fair, but i knew that it would take very little sweat equity to change it into being display worthy.  as soon as i got it home, i got to work transforming it into the treasure it has now become.

first, i took it all apart, removing the small dowel and have saving it for future use.  then i filled in the hole with wood putty.  after allowing it to dry for a few minutes (i'm impatient!), i gently sanded all of the pieces. the final step in preparing for paint was to wipe off the dust.  easy peasy!

then i went about painting.  i ended up doing four coats of paint, allowing it to thoroughly dry in between each coat of paint.  finally, i gave it a very thin coat of polyurethane, since the paint i had used was a flat finish and i wanted glossy.  

after putting all the pieces back together i was done.  all together it took me less than 24 hours!!

i didn't pick a color that matches the room, but rather one that makes me happy . . . and that i already had on hand so i could save money!  i don't know what makes me happiest, paying so little for such a valuable storage solution or the fact that my jewelry boxes now close!

Project Cost Breakdown:

paper towel holder = $2

sandpaper = $0  (left over from another project!)

paint = $0  (left over from another project!)

polyurethane = $0  (left over from another project!)

Grand Total = $2